Thursday, October 25, 2012

The cure for the common (and tacky) bathroom...

Who wants a tacky cardboard box of kleenex or rolls of toilet paper out when guests come to your home?? not me! You probably did what I did which was tuck them away. However, during their visit, if you run out of toilet paper or they need a tissue your guests will have to look for them in your cabinets!! 

Oh the horror!!! 

I have another solution.....

Ta Da!

Cute and 100% functional. You can have a matching set in the bathroom. Have a tissue box next to each bed, or out in your living room... instead of it taking away from the decor, it will be adding to it!


Also these little babies wont break the bank... $25 for the tissue box cover, and $29 for the toilet paper cover... as always comes with complimentary monogramming. We can match any color or decor as well!

Isn't that great!

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